Corporate team building events can be hard to get right, especially if you have a large pool of employees each with different tastes and interests. Luckily, corporate paintball is a fun and exciting activity that all kinds of people can enjoy! Here are just a few reasons why both top-level managers and their employees will love paintball for your next corporate party.

Why It’s Great For Managers

You can let your hair down

Managers love paintball because they get to take a break from the endless meetings and responsibilities of management.

Be one of the gang

Sometimes it’s lonely at the top. People tend to be more cautious and reserved around managers, even if they count you as a friend. A few hours dodging paint together will tear those walls right down, making for a more enjoyable workplace culture as well.

Boosts morale

Even if you give out cake every week, your employees may get stuck in a rut from time to time. Corporate paintball blasts off the cobwebs, leaving your staff refreshed and eager to get back to work.

Cost effective

The bigger the group, the better it gets. Not only are there great group organiser incentives such as extra paintballs, you can also arrange catering on the day for only a few extra dollars per player.

Aids company image

Clients and customers like to know they’re dealing with real people. A social media post on your company page about the paintball game will make you seem much more human and approachable as a business.

Why Paintball Is Perfect For Staff

Role neutral

Being the boss holds little sway on the battlefield! Everyone’s equal in paintball, which makes it one of the best corporate team building activities around. If you're naturally nervous around authority figures, this is a great way to see the human side of your boss.

Strengthens friendships

The people you work with become kind of a second family, so you want to get along. Even the most amicable work friendships can stagnate without some excitement and variety to spice things up. An afternoon of paintball is just the boost you need to keep things fresh and get closer with your work friends.

Broadens your social circle

If you work in a large office, there may be lots of people in your department that you only sort of know. Paintball is one of the best corporate party ideas because it breaks the ice with work acquaintances, giving you more to talk about than the weather when you pass each other in the kitchen.

Great exercise

Working in an office has lots of nice benefits, but you probably spend most of your day sitting down looking at a screen. Paintball gets you out and moving in the fresh air (and quickly, if you don’t want to get hit), helping you stay happy and healthy.

Show your stuff

For the career-focused, a fun game of paintball can double as a way to demonstrate leadership skills and strength under pressure. Earn your boss and colleagues’ respect by besting them in fair combat!