School paintball is a terrific way for your whole class to have fun in a big group, working as a team and getting messy together. And it’s not just paintball for teenagers; teachers can get in on the action, too! Here are our top 10 reasons why both teachers and kids should want to go paintballing.

Why Teachers Should Want To Go Paintballing

Get to Know Your Colleagues

Every workplace is better when you like the people you work with, but the school day doesn’t often leave time for socialising. And what better way is there to get to know someone than lobbing paint atstudents together?

Have Fun with Students

Cooperating with students to hold off the other team’s attack, (or launching a strike of your own on their base) is a great bonding exercise, and terrific fun to boot. And once your students have seen you go full Rambo on a pack of unsuspecting 10th graders, they’ll never misbehave in class again.

Celebrate the End of Term

Students aren’t the only ones happy to see the holidays! If you’re stuck for school Christmas party ideas, paintball is the perfect way for both students and teachers to blow off some steam and start the break off right.

Get Outdoors

Unless you teach PE, you probably don’t get to spend as much of your day outside as you’d like. Take this chance to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while getting some great exercise. Just don’t get so distracted that you make an easy target!

Special Bonuses

Because paintball is definitely a “the more the merrier” activity, schools often get special bonuses due to their large numbers. These can include extra paintballs to share out (or keep to yourself) and free gun upgrades for teachers.

Why Students Love Paintball

Fun With Friends

Paper planes and lunchtime soccer are all well and good, but paintball is where the real fun begins! With heaps of room to play, everyone gets to join in together, making paint-soaked memories to last a lifetime.


Everyone likes to win, and nothing brings out a competitive streak like paintball. Even if your side doesn’t come out on top, making some good shots and lasting as long as possible will ensure that everyone walks away with a smile.

Stress Relief

Kids can build up a lot of nervous energy over the school year, especially in exam periods. There’s nothing like a hectic game of paintball to go a bit crazy and let it all out.

Make New Friends

Sometimes it can be hard to introduce yourself to people. We recommend a volley of paintballs in their general direction! The exhilaration of paintball puts everyone on the same level, making it easy to get along with others even if you’re a bit shy.


Teacher mark you down for bad penmanship? Did your best friend take two chocolates when you only offered one? Time to settle the score, and laugh about it together afterwards.