man in camouflage gear with a tutu

Are you in the exciting position of having been chosen as a friend’s maid of honour or mate’s best man and are now stuck for hens night or bucks party ideas?

Many people are tired of gathering for drinks at a bar and want something a little more active that will also help all those who have a special role in the wedding to bond in an entertaining environment. An out of the ordinary and memorable hen’s party or buck’s night idea is a paintball party!

Top 5 Bucks Paintball Ideas

Here are our top 5 reasons why the best man should choose paintball for a stag do that the boys are sure to remember!

1. Thaw Those Cold Feet

The lead up to any wedding can cause jitters, so a paintball session can help work out those unsteady nerves. It offers the perfect combo of physical exercise and a good laugh, which are great stress relievers!

2. Unleash Your Competitive Edge

Most guys love to compete with their mates in any given activity and paintball is a fantastic way for all involved to prove their worth as the best man for the job by battling it out in a paint-splattered arena.

3. Channel Your Inner Peter Pan

With marriage comes maturity and responsibility, so a chance to relive your younger days when you had all the time in the world to run around with friends is guaranteed to be appreciated by the whole bachelor squad.

4. Go Team!

Every husband-to-be wants his groomsmen to develop a positive rapport before the big day. So, if some of the guys don’t know each other too well, a game of paintball could be the perfect thing to bring them closer since it’s a team-based sport.

5. Be Your Own Hero

Most males have gone through the phase of playing military-themed games and paintball is a hands-on, live-action way to experience the thrill of soldiering without the risk!

Top 5 Hens Paintball Ideas

Check our 5 key reasons why matron and maids of honour should select paintball for a fabulous hen’s night!

1. Not All Brides are Princesses

Times have changed significantly since your granny got hitched, so don’t feel like you have to host a traditional hen’s do if that’s not your thing. Paintball is a great hens alternative for the sporty bride!

2. Release Pent-up Emotions

Preparing for a wedding can be a rollercoaster ride, so a good way to relieve the pressure on a tense bridezilla or beset bridesmaid is to organise an activity that just requires the girls to have a giggle!

3. Time Out from the Beautifying Process

Weddings involve choosing lovely gowns, experimenting with different hairstyles and makeup looks, so getting covered in multiple shades of paint is a hilarious contrast.

4. Priceless Pics

A hens with a difference will provide a riotous good time, which will be a talking point for years to come.

5. Healthy Rivalry

If the best men are planning on organising a tame buck’s party, beat them at their own game by planning the most kick-ass paintball match ever!