Breathe – It’s not going to hurt as much as you think it will

Veteran paintball players love to share war stories and show off their bruises, which can be intimidating to newbies. Fear not, for boasters always exaggerate to seem tougher, and a paintball hit isn’t anywhere near as bad as you think. It may sting for a few seconds, but before you know it you’ll be over it and back in the game. Besides, the threat of a little stinging keeps you playing smart instead of recklessly charging out into the open.

Coordinate with team members

One of the best paintball tips we can offer is to work with your teammates. Paintball is about controlling territory either with your shots or the threat of them. Plan out your objectives together to coordinate your strikes, and give your team a better chance of winning. Working together, a team can cover a wider field of fire and cover each other when bounding from one spot to the next. And if one of you gets hit, the others are right there to avenge you!

Don’t run off on your own

No matter how much we stress teamwork, there’s always some lone wolf who thinks he can take the enemy’s position all by himself. Chances are you’ll see these players trudging back to base in a paint-splattered daze within five minutes. Not only are you more vulnerable going solo, you’re not sharing the experience with anyone. Beginners paintball is the perfect opportunity to make friends and build a crew you can play with over and over. So stick in a group and have fun together!

Remember your objective

Don’t forget; you’re not just there to sling paint. A lot of players get so caught up in holding their position or racking up as many hits as possible that they forget the objective of the game (e.g. capture the flag). So remember your objective and work with your team to achieve it.

Have fun!

Something every rookie paintball player should remember is to have fun. Paintball is a terrific team-building opportunity, as well as a way to have some laughs and make great memories with your friends. So try not to take it too seriously, and enjoy yourself.