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Archery Tag at NPF

Archery Tag at National Paintball Fields!

What is Archery Tag®?

Archery Tag® is played similar to dodgeball but with bows and patented foam-tipped arrows! This exciting, action-packed game offers the ultimate family-friendly experience that engages everyone 10 years and over.

It’s perfect for kids’ parties (10+), corporate events, special events or just for fun! This adrenaline fueled game is available at the official Archery Tag Brisbane centre.

When can I play?

We have sessions every day. Please call to book or book online below.

Sessions run for 1.5 hours including 30 minutes of safety brief, game explanation and getting equipped with your mask and bow. Then, you will have 1 hour of “Archery Games” with a host running your session.

How much is it to play?

Every 1.5 hour session is $25 per player.

Session times:

  • 11:30am – 1pm
  • 1:30pm – 3pm

Try Archery Tag now! PH: 3891 5366


How is Archery Tag® played?

Two teams, consisting of 8 players each playing opposite one another, are separated by a “safe zone.” Each team also has what we call a “5-Spot Knockout Target.” There are two objectives: 1) to tag the opponents, and 2) to knock out the five discs of the opposing team’s target. You eliminate a player by tagging him or her with an arrow, or by catching his or her arrow. The 5-Spot Targets work to save a “life” of one of the players. A “tagged” player can be called back into the game when a target spot is knocked out or when a teammate catches an arrow.

Is it Safe?

Unlike some other sports, the only safety archery tag equipment required to play Archery Tag® is a facemask. Players experience virtually no pain when “tagged” with the Archery Tag® arrows.


NPF is an approved licensee of Archery Tag



Bookings essential. Archery Tag players must be 10 years and over to play. The $25 fee per player must be paid to secure your place and session. This payment is non-refundable nor transferrable. Every session must have a minimum of 10 players to run a game.


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